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This release provides Atlas 1.0.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • ATLAS-2438: fix errors found in sitecheck - https://whimsy.apache.org/site/project/atlas
  • ATLAS-2523: Add HomeId and allow GUIDs to be specified on creates

  • ATLAS-2736: doc updated to replace reference to github with a link to download released artifacts

  • ATLAS-2745: AtlasEnumDefStore should remember default value

  • ATLAS-2785: Import Hive script should handle table name with database in -t option

  • ATLAS-2786: Honor ZK server ensemble provided in configuration

  • ATLAS-2788: Add policy permissions for tagsync user.

  • ATLAS-2793: updated AtlasClient approach of determining if kerberos authentication is enabled or not

  • ATLAS-2794: updated AtlasClient to explicitly specify JacksonJaxbJsonProvider

  • ATLAS-2801: Create a separate tar file for atlas-server components excluding atlas hook related components

  • ATLAS-2807: Re-evaluate classification propagation during entity delete

  • ATLAS-2808: Add proxy support

  • ATLAS-2809: updated authorization model to authorize add/update/remove of relationships

  • ATLAS-2812: Upgrade commons-fileupload to 1.3.3

  • ATLAS-2815: API, UI updates for faster rendering of entity details

  • ATLAS-2816: Allow ignoring relationship in EntityGraphRetriever for FullTextMapperV2

  • ATLAS-2817: Handle auto upgrade from janus 0.2.0 to janus 0.3.0

  • ATLAS-2817: Update Janusgraph artifact id

  • ATLAS-2817: JanusGraph 0.3.0

  • ATLAS-2819: UI: Re-evaluate classification propagation during entity delete

  • ATLAS-2821: Update old atlas-simple-authz-policy.json file with relationship permission attributes

  • ATLAS-2822: Provide option whether to delete propagated classification on entity delete during add classification

  • ATLAS-2823: updated hooks to support asynchronous notifications

  • ATLAS-2825: UI: Provide option whether to delete propagated classification on entity delete during add classification

  • ATLAS-2826: fix for failure in authorizing save-search operation.

  • ATLAS-2827: Indexed string compaction when length exceeds 33482223

  • ATLAS-2830: Tag Propagation, Entity Delete : Classification update notification not sent to entities down the lineage present after the deleted entity

  • ATLAS-2834: Init authorizer when Atlas is in HA mode

  • ATLAS-2835: Regression: Classifications propagated from term is not removed during term-entity disassociation

  • ATLAS-2836: Remove redundant encoding of vertex property keys ATLAS-2838: Replace GraphHelper.encodeProperty() with AtlasGraphUtilsV2.encodeProperty()

  • ATLAS-2840: Regression - Tag Propagation, Deleted Entity : When an entity is deleted, tags propagated to it are removed

HDP 3.0.0 provided Atlas 1.0.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-2740: Updated import-hbase.sh script to populate values for missed HBase column-family attributes.

  • ATLAS-2751: Atlas is not consuming messages from ATLAS_HOOK topic after recovering from zookeeper connection timeout.