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This release provides Storm 1.2.1 and the same list of patches listed for HDP 3.0.0.

HDP 3.0.0 provided Storm 1.2.1 and the following Apache patches:

  • STORM-1839: Kinesis Spout

  • STORM-1694: Kafka Spout Trident Implementation Using New Kafka Consumer API

  • STORM-1960: Add CORS support to STORM UI Rest api

  • STORM-1959: Add missing license header to KafkaPartitionOffsetLag

  • STORM-1950: Change response json of "Topology Lag" REST API to keyed by spoutId, topic, partition.

  • STORM-1833: Simple equi-join in storm-sql standalone mode

  • STORM-1866: Update Resource Aware Scheduler Documentation

  • STORM-1930: Kafka New Client API - Support for Topic Wildcards

  • STORM-1924: Adding conf options for Persistent Word Count Topology

  • STORM-1956: Disabling Backpressure by default

  • STORM-1934: Fix race condition between sync-supervisor and sync-processes

  • STORM-1919: Introduce FilterBolt on storm-redis

  • STORM-1742: More accurate 'complete latency'

  • STORM-1945: Fix NPE bugs on topology spout lag for storm-kafka-monitor

  • STORM-1888: add description for shell command

  • STORM-1902: add a simple & flexible FileNameFormat for storm-hdfs

  • STORM-1914: Storm Kafka Field Topic Selector

  • STORM-1907: PartitionedTridentSpoutExecutor has incompatible types that cause ClassCastException

  • STORM-1925: Remove Nimbus thrift call from Nimbus itself

  • STORM-1909: Update HDFS spout documentation

  • STORM-1136: Command line module to return kafka spout offsets lag and display in storm ui

  • STORM-1911: IClusterMetricsConsumer should use seconds to timestamp unit

  • STORM-1849: HDFSFileTopology should use the 3rd argument as topologyName

  • STORM-1906: Window count/length of zero should be disallowed

  • STORM-1893: Support OpenTSDB for storing timeseries data.

  • STORM-1723: Introduce ClusterMetricsConsumer

  • STORM-1700: Introduce 'whitelist' / 'blacklist' option to MetricsConsumer

  • STORM-1698: Asynchronous MetricsConsumerBolt

  • STORM-1705: Cap number of retries for a failed message

  • STORM-1884: Prioritize pendingPrepare over pendingCommit

  • STORM-1575: fix TwitterSampleSpout NPE on close

  • STORM-1874: Update logger private permissions

  • STORM-1865: update command line client document

  • STORM-1771: HiveState should flushAndClose before closing old or idle Hive connections

  • STORM-1882: Expose TextFileReader public

  • STORM-1873: Implement alternative behaviour for late tuples

  • STORM-1719: Introduce REST API: Topology metric stats for stream

  • STORM-1887: Fixed help message for set_log_level command

  • STORM-1878: Flux can now handle IStatefulBolts

  • STORM-1864: StormSubmitter should throw respective exceptions and log respective errors forregistered submitter hook invocation

  • STORM-1868: Modify TridentKafkaWordCount to run in distributed mode

  • STORM-1859: Ack late tuples in windowed mode

  • STORM-1851: Fix default nimbus impersonation authorizer config

  • STORM-1848: Make KafkaMessageId and Partition serializable to support

  • STORM-1862: Flux ShellSpout and ShellBolt can't emit to named streams

  • STORM-1728: TransactionalTridentKafkaSpout error

  • STORM-1850: State Checkpointing Documentation update

  • STORM-1674: Idle KafkaSpout consumes more bandwidth than needed

  • STORM-1842: Forward references in storm.thrift cause tooling issues

  • STORM-1730: LocalCluster#shutdown() does not terminate all storm threads/thread pools.

  • STORM-1841: Address a few minor issues in windowing and doc

  • STORM-1709: Added group by support in storm sql standalone mode

  • STORM-1720: Support GEO in storm-redis