Configuring advanced job management

If you need to further customize your SQL Stream job, you can add more advanced features to configure the job restarting method and time, threads for parallelism, sample behavior, exatly once processing and restoring from savepoint.

Before running a SQL query, you can configure advanced features by clicking on the Show Advanced Settings button on the Compose tab.

Restart strategy and restart retry time

The job is restarted after Restart Retry Time seconds, if set to Always. It is not restarted if you select Stop from the SQL Jobs tab. If set to Never, the job does not restart unless you select Restart from the Compose tab.

Job parallelism

The number of threads to start to process the job. Each thread consumes a slot on the cluster. When the Job Parallelism is set to 1, the job consumes the least resources. If the data provired supports parallel reads, increasing the parallelism can raise the maximum throughput. For example, when using Kafka as a data provider, setting the parallelism to the equal number as the partitions of the topic can be a starting point for performance tuning.

Sample behavior

How often to sample data (in milliseconds) from the output stream. 1000ms is common and recommended.

Restore From Savepoint

Enabling restoring from savepoint for the SQL job, using the state in Flink.