What's New in Flow Management

Learn about the new Flow Management features in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.11.

The Flow Management clusters in CDP Public Cloud introduces the following features:

ASN1 Reader

A new Controller Service uses the record API while reading ASN1 data.

Consume Kinesis Stream processor

New processor to consume data from AWS Kinesis Stream.

Decrypt and Encrypt Content PGP processors

New processors to decrypt and encrypt data using PGP.

NAR hot loading from object stores

Custom NARs can be loaded from object stores such as HDFS, S3, ADLS, GCS, and similar where NiFi is running. NAR files can be dropped into a single location and will be automatically retrieved and loaded by NiFi across all nodes.

For more information, see Hot Loading Custom NARs.

New Cloudera Kafka processor

A new Kafka processor is now available to support the Kafka client version provided in CDP Public Cloud 7.2.11 and to provide out-of-the-box integration with SMM by configuring the metrics interceptors.

For more information, see Ingesting Data into Apache Kafka in CDP Public Cloud.

Scale up and down NiFi clusters

You can now scale up and down your NiFi clusters to match your resources needs.

For more information, see Scaling up or down a NiFi cluster.

Object Store Processors

The following new processors are now available to interact with the object store of the underlying cloud provider in RAZ-enabled CDP environments:

  • List
  • Fetch
  • Put
  • Delete

The processors also integrate with RAZ which enables you to define Object Store access policies directly in Ranger.

RAZ is currently available for CDP Public Cloud environments on AWS and Azure.