Using the Streaming SQL Console

The Streaming SQL Console is the user interface for the SQL Stream Builder. You can manage your queries, tables, functions and monitor the history of the SQL jobs using the SQL Stream Console.

  1. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where you have created your cluster.
  2. Select the Streaming Analytics cluster.
  3. Click Streaming SQL Console from the services.

    The Streaming SQL Console opens in a new window.

The following illustration details the main menu and the tabs of the user interface.
  1. The main menu consist of the following:
    • Console - The homepage of the Console where you can find the SQL window, other tabs and the Log window.
    • Data Providers - Adding and managing data providers for Tables.
    • Materialized Views - Setting and managing API keys.
  2. The main tabs consist of the following:
    • Compose - By default, the Compose tab is selected on the Console. You can create your SQL queries on the Compose tab.
    • Tables - You can view and register Tables on this tab.
    • Functions - You can add the Javascript Functions to your SQL query.
    • History - You can review the history of submitted SQL queries.
    • SQL Jobs - You can review the history of submitted SQL jobs.
  3. The alternate windows consist of the following:
    • SQL - By default, the SQL Window is displayed on the Console. You can add your SQL Queries to the window to compose queries.
    • Materialized View - Displays settings to create Materialized Views.
  4. The audit tabs consist of the following:
    • Logs - Displays the status of the SQL Console.
    • Results - Displays the results of the executed SQL queries.
  5. SQL Window - SQL statement editor of the Console.