About CDP Private Cloud Data Services

CDP Private Cloud Data Services works on top of CDP Private Cloud Base and is the on-premises offering of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) that brings many of the benefits of the public cloud deployments to on-premises CDP deployments. CDP Private Cloud Data Services lets you deploy and use the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), and Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) Data Services.

Building on Apache Spark, CDE is an all-inclusive data engineering toolset that enables orchestration automation with Apache Airflow, advanced pipeline monitoring, visual troubleshooting, and comprehensive management tools to streamline ETL processes across enterprise analytics teams. CDE powers consistent, repeatable, and automated data engineering workflows.

CDW enables you to create highly-performant, independent, self-service data warehouses for teams of business analysts. Cloudera’s support for an open data lakehouse, centered on CDW, brings high-performance, self-service reporting and analytics to your business – simplifying data management for data practitioners and administrators.

CML, Cloudera’s platform for machine learning and AI unifies self-service data science and data engineering in a single, portable service for multi-function analytics on data. It optimizes ML workflows across your business with native and robust tools for deploying, serving, and monitoring models.

Replication Manager enables you to copy and migrate HDFS data, Hive external tables, and Ozone data between CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 or higher clusters using Cloudera Manager version 7.7.3 or higher.

Data Catalog is a service within Cloudera Data Platform that enables you to understand, manage, secure, and govern data assets across the enterprise. Data Catalog helps you discern data lying in your Data Lake (Base cluster).

Providing a consistent user experience to data practitioners and IT admins across CDP Public and Private Cloud, these data services open up avenues for a hybrid data lifecycle.