Deployment and high-level architecture

A CDP Private Cloud Data Services deployment includes an Environment, a Data Lake, the Management Console, and Data Services (Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Data Engineering). Other tools and utilities include Replication Manager, Data Recovery Service, CDP CLI, and monitoring using Grafana.

To deploy CDP Private Cloud Data Services you need a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster, along with container-based clusters that run the Data Services. You can either use a dedicated RedHat OpenShift container cluster or deploy an Embedded Container Service (ECS) container cluster.

The Private Cloud deployment process involves configuring Management Console, registering an environment by providing details of the Data Lake configured on the Base cluster, and then creating the workloads.

Platform Managers and Administrators can rapidly provision and deploy the data services through the Management Console, and easily scale them up or down as required.

Image showing various components of CDP Private Cloud Base and Data Services
You can install CDP Private Cloud Base on virtual machines or bare-metal hardware. CDP Private Cloud Base provides the following components and services that are used by CDP Private Cloud Data Services:
  • SDX Data Lake cluster for security, metadata, and governance
  • HDFS and Ozone for storage
  • Powerful and open-source Cloudera Runtime services such as Ranger, Atlas, Hive Metastore (HMS), and so on
  • Networking infrastructure that supports network traffic between storage and compute environments