Limitations with Port Availability

Cloudera Data Science Workbench exposes only one port per-access level.

In version 1.6.0, you can run a maximum of 3 web applications simultaneously.

  • One on CDSW_APP_PORT, which can be used for applications that grant some level of control over the project to Contributors and Admins,
  • One on CDSW_READONLY_PORT, which can be used for applications that only need to give read-only access to project collaborators,
  • One on the now-deprecated CDSW_PUBLIC_PORT, which is accessible by all users.

However, by default the editors feature (introduced in version 1.6) runs third-party browser-based editors on CDSW_APP_PORT. Therefore, for projects that are already using browser-based third-party editors, you are left with only 2 other ports to run applications on: CDSW_READONLY_PORT and CDSW_PUBLIC_PORT. Keep in mind the level of access you want to grant users when you are selecting one of these ports for a web application.