RPM Deployments

You can enable GPU support in Cloudera Data Science Workbench with RPM deployment.

Minimum Required Cloudera Manager Role: Cluster Administrator

  1. Set the following parameter in /etc/cdsw/config/cdsw.conf on all Cloudera Data Science Workbench hosts. You must make sure that cdsw.conf is consistent across all hosts, irrespective of whether they have GPU hardware installed on them.


    Set this property to true to enable GPU support for Cloudera Data Science Workbench workloads. When this property is enabled on a host that is equipped with GPU hardware, the GPU(s) will be available for use by Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

  2. On the master host, run the following command to restart Cloudera Data Science Workbench.
    cdsw restart
    If you modified cdsw.conf on a worker host, run the following commands to make sure the changes go into effect:
    cdsw stop
    cdsw join
  3. Use the following section to test whether Cloudera Data Science Workbench can now detect GPUs.