Accessing data using Apache Druid
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Apache Druid content roadmap

The content roadmap provides links to the available content resources for Apache Druid (incubating). The hyperlinks in the table and many others throughout this documentation jump to content published on the Druid site. Do not download any Druid code from this site for installation in an HDP cluster. Instead, install Druit by selecting Druid as a Service in an Ambari-asssisted HDP installation.

Table 1. Apache Hive Content roadmap
Type of Information Resources Description

About Druid

Introduces the feature highlights of Druid, and explains in which environments the data store is best suited. The page also links to comparisons of Druid against other common data stores.
Druid Concepts This page is the portal to the technical documentation. While the body of this page describes some of the main technical concepts and components, the right-side navigation pane outlines and links to the topics in the documentation.
Druid: A Real-time Analytical Data Store This white paper describes the Druid architecture in detail, performance benchmarks, and an overview of Druid issues in a production environment. The extensive References section at the end of the document point to a wide range of information sources.
Druid Architecture Paper
Tutorial Druid Quickstart A getting started tutorial that walks you through a Druid package, installation, and loading and querying data. The installation of this tutorial is for instructional purposes only and not intended for use in a Hortonworks Hadoop cluster.
Integration with Hive Druid and Hive Integration Explains how to index data from Hive into Druid and query Druid datasources from Hive.
Developing on Druid Developing on Druid Provides an overview of major Druid components to help developers who want to code applications that use Druid-ingested data. The web page links to another about segments, which is an essential entity to understand when writing applications for Druid.
Data Ingestion Batch Data Ingestion Loading Streams These two pages introduce how Druid can ingest data from both static files and real-time streams.
Queries of Druid Data Querying Describes the method for constructing queries, supported query types, and query error messages.
Best Practices


A list of tips and FAQs.