Using Apache Atlas
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Manually create entities

Currently there is no Atlas hook in HDP for HDFS or Kafka. For these components, you must manually create entities in Atlas. You can then associate tags with these entities and control access using Ranger tag-based policies.
When upgrading to HDP-3.0 from earlier versions, you may need to manually enable the HBase hook post-upgrade. On the Ambari dashboard, select HBase > Configs > Advanced hbase-env, then select the Enable Atlas Hook check box. Click Save, then restart HBase and any other services that require a restart.
  1. On the Atlas web UI Search page, click the create new entity link at the top of the page.
  2. On the "Create entity" pop-up, select an entity type.
  3. Enter the required information for the new entity. Click All to display both required and non-required information. Click Create to create the new entity.
  4. The entity is created and returned in search results for the applicable entity type. You can now associate classifications and terms with the new entity and control access to the entity with Ranger policies.