Using Apache Atlas
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Using Advanced Search

To switch to Advanced search mode, slide the green toggle button from Basic to Advanced. You can search for entities using two advanced search modes:

  • Search by Type – search based on a selected Entity type.

  • Search by Query – search using an Apache Atlas DSL query. Atlas DSL (Domain-Specific Language) is a SQL-like query language that enables you to search metadata using complex queries. For more information on Atlas DSL queries, click the Apache Atlas "Advanced Search" link under "Related information" at the end of this topic.

  1. To search for entities, select an entity type or enter an Atlas DSL search query, then click Search to display a list of the entities associated with the specified search criteria.

    You can also combine search criteria. In the example below, we searched for Table entity types named "sales_fact".

    To display more information about Atlas DSL queries, click the question mark symbol next to the Advanced label above the search boxes.

    The Advanced Search Queries lists example queries, along with a link to the Apache Atlas DSL query documentation:

  2. Click Clear to clear the search settings.