Known Issues in Apache Oozie

Learn about the known issues in Oozie, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

Oozie jobs fail (gracefully) on secure YARN clusters when JobHistory server is down

If the JobHistory server is down on a YARN (MRv2) cluster, Oozie attempts to submit a job, by default, three times. If the job fails, Oozie automatically puts the workflow in a SUSPEND state.

When the JobHistory server is running again, use the resume command to inform Oozie to continue the workflow from the point at which it left off.
CDPD-5340: The resourceManager property defined in an Oozie workflow might not work properly if the workflow is submitted through Knox proxy.
An Oozie workflow defined to use the resourceManager property might not work as expected in situations when the workflow is submitted through Knox proxy.
Define the jobTracker property with the same value as that of the resourceManager property.
Unsupported Feature
The following Oozie features are currently not supported in Cloudera Data Platform:
  • Non-support for Pig action (CDPD-1070)
  • Conditional coordinator input logic

Cloudera does not support using Derby database with Oozie. You can use it for testing or debugging purposes, but Cloudera does not recommend using it in production environments. This could cause failures while upgrading from CDH to CDP.

BUG-123856: Upgrade fails while configuring Oozie server.