Cloudera Search config templates

Config templates are immutable configuration templates that you can use as a starting point when creating configs for Solr collections. Cloudera Search contains templates by default and you can define new ones based on existing configs.

Configs can be declared as immutable, which means they cannot be deleted or have their Schema updated by the Schema API. Immutable configs are uneditable config templates that are the basis for additional configs. After a config is made immutable, you cannot change it back without accessing ZooKeeper directly as the solr (or solr@EXAMPLE.COM principal, if you are using Kerberos) super user.

Solr provides a set of immutable config templates. These templates are only available after Solr initialization, so templates are not available in upgrades until after Solr is initialized or re-initialized. Templates include:

Table 1. Available Config Templates and Attributes
Template Name Supports Schema API Uses Schemaless Solr
managedTemplate Feature Present Feature Absent
schemalessTemplate Feature Present Feature Present

Config templates are managed using the solrctl config command. For example:

  • To create a new config based on the managedTemplate template:
    solrctl config --create <newConfig> managedTemplate -p immutable=false
    Replace <newConfig> with the name of the config you want to create.
  • To create a new template (immutable config) from an existing config:
    solrctl config --create <newTemplate> <existingConfig> -p immutable=true
    Replace <newTemplate> with a name for the new template you want to create and <existingConfig> with the name of the existing config that you want to base <newTemplate> on.