Run the migration tool in a docker container

Mount the config.yaml and credentials files into the docker container and run the docker image in the interactive mode. You have to activate the tool after running the tool before you run spark-submit commands.

  1. Run the docker tool.
    $ docker run -it \
    -v <path-to-yaml-file>/config.yaml:/home/cdpuser1/.cde/config.yaml:ro \
    -v <path-to-credential-file>/credentials:/home/cdpuser1/.cde/credentials:ro \


    $ docker run -it \
    -v /Users/cdp-compute-cluster/cdpuser1/config.yaml:/home/cdpuser1/.cde/config.yaml:ro \
    -v /Users/cdpuser1/credentials:/home/cdpuser1/.cde/credentials:ro \
  2. Activate the profile.
    $ activate -p vc-1