CDE CLI command reference

The Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) command line syntax is shown below. You can view additional syntax help by adding --help after any command.

cde command

  cde [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  job         Manage CDE jobs
  resource    Manage CDE resources
  run         Manage CDE runs
  spark       Spark commands

      --auth-cache-file string     token file cache location (default "$USERCACHE/token-cache")
      --auth-no-cache              do not cache authentication tokens
      --auth-pass-file string      authentication password file location
  -h, --help                       help for cde
      --hide-progress-bars         hide progress bars for file uploads
      --insecure                   API does not require authentication
      --tls-ca-certs string        additional PEM-encoded CA certificates
      --tls-insecure               skip verification of API server TLS certificate
      --user string                CDP user to authenticate as
      --vcluster-endpoint string   CDE virtual cluster endpoint
  -v, --verbose                    verbose logging
      --version                    version for cde

Use "cde [command] --help" for more information about a command.

cde job command

  cde job [command]

Available Commands:
  create      Create a job
  delete      Delete a job
  describe    Describe a job
  import      Import a job
  list        List jobs
  run         Run a job
  schedule    Operate CDE job schedules
  update      Update a job

cde resource command

  cde resource [command]

Available Commands:
  create      Create a resource
  delete      Delete a resource
  delete-file Delete a file from a resource
  describe    Describe resource
  download    Download a file from a resource
  list        List resources
  upload      Upload a file to resource

cde run command

  cde run [command]

Available Commands:
  describe    Describe a run
  kill        Kill a run
  list        List runs
  logs        Retrieve logs for a run
  ui          Open a run in the default browser

cde spark command

  cde spark [command]

Available Commands:
  submit      Run a jar/py file on CDE Spark