CDE Spark job example

In this example there is a local Spark jar my-app-0.1.0.jar, and a local reference file my-ref.conf that the Spark job opens locally as part of its execution. The Spark job reads data from the location in the first argument and writes data to the location in the second argument. There is also a custom Spark configuration for tuning performance.

  1. Make your job available for running in one of the following ways:

    You can submit the job directly to CDE and have it run the job once, using the spark submit command. In this case no permanent resources are created on CDE subsequently no cleanup is necessary after the job run. This is ideal when testing a job.

    cde spark submit my-app-0.1.0.jar \
      --file my-ref.conf \
      --conf spark.sql.shuffle.partitions=1000

    If you plan to run the same job several times it is is a good idea to create and upload the resource and job and then run it on CDE using the job run command. This is the preferable method in production environments.

    > cde resource create --name my-resource
    > cde resource upload --name my-resource --local-path my-app-0.1.0.jar
     109.7MB/109.7MB 100% [==============================================] my-app-0.1.0.jar
    > cde resource upload --name my-resource --local-path my-ref.conf
       135.0b/135.0b 100% [==============================================] my-ref.conf
    > cde job create \
      --name my-job \
      --type spark \
      --mount-1-resource my-resource \
      --application-file my-app-0.1.0.jar \
      --conf spark.sql.shuffle.partitions=1000 \
    > cde job run --name my-job
      "id": 1
    > cde run describe --id 1 | jq -r '.status'
    > cde run describe --id 1 | jq -r '.status'
  2. Schedule your job:

    As the above created job stays in CDE permanently until you delete it, you can schedule it to run regularly at a predefined time. This example schedules your job to run daily at midnight, starting from January 1, 2021:

    > cde job update \
      --name my-job \
      --schedule-enabled=true \
      --schedule-start 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z \
      --every-days 1 \
      --for-minutes-of-hour 0 \
      --for-hours-of-day 0