Creating a Cloudera Data Engineering resource using the CLI

A resource in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) is a named collection of files or other assets referenced by a job, including application code, configuration files, or any other arbitrary files required by a job. A resource can also be a Python virtual environment, or a custom Docker container image.

Make sure that you have downloaded and configured the CLI client.

  1. Create a resource using the cde resource create command.
    The cde resource create syntax is as follows:
    cde resource create [flags]

    You can view the list of flags by running cde resource create --help, or you can view the CDE CLI reference documentation.

    Example: Create a file resource
    cde resource create --name cde-file-resource --type files
    Example: Create a Python virtual environment resource
    cde resource create --name cde-python-env-resource --type python-env --python-version python3
    Example: Create a custom Docker container image resource
    cde resource create --name cde-container-image-resource --type custom-runtime-image
  2. Verify that the resource was created by running cde resource list.