Cloudera Data Engineering resources

A resource in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) is a named collection of files used by a job. Resources can include application code, configuration files, custom Docker images, and Python virtual environment specifications (requirements.txt).

Resources are associated with virtual clusters. A resource can be used by multiple jobs, and jobs can use multiple resources.The resource types supported by CDE are files and python-env.

An arbitrary collection of files that a job can reference. The application code for the job, including any necessary configuration files or supporting libraries, can be stored in a files resource. Files can be uploaded to and removed from a resource as needed.
A defined virtual Python environment that a job runs in. The only file that can be uploaded to a python-env resource is a requirements.txt file. When you associate a python-env resource with a job, the job runs within a Python virtual environment built according to the requirements.txt specification.
A Docker container image. When you run a job using a custom-runtime-image resource, the executors that are launched use your custom image.