Supporting Airflow operators and hooks

Apache Airflow Python DAG files can be used to automate workflows or data pipelines in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE). CDE currently supports a specified list of Airflow operators and hooks that can be used.

Airflow operators

CDE supports the following Airflow operators:

  • airflow.operators.bash
  • airflow.operators.branch
  • airflow.operators.datetime
  • airflow.operators.dummy
  • airflow.operators.generic_transfer
  • airflow.operators.latest_only
  • airflow.operators.python
  • airflow.operators.sql
  • airflow.operators.subdag
  • airflow.operators.trigger_dagrun

Airflow hooks

CDE supports the following Airflow hooks:

  • airflow.hooks.filesystem
  • airflow.hooks.subprocess