Creating and updating Docker credentials

To allow the use of private Docker registries, Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) supports the creation and management of credentials. These are stored securely in the Kubernetes cluster as secrets and cannot be accessed by end users directly. Credentials are attached to job runs automatically by the CDE backend.

  1. To create a new Docker credential:
    cde credential create --name <cred_name> --type docker-basic --docker-server <registry_URL_or_hostname> --docker-username <docker_user>
  2. Enter the Docker registry password when you are prompted.
    An optional --description field allows you to annotate the credential with a human readable description.
  3. Run cde credential list to verify that the credential was created:
    cde credential list [--filter <filter>]
    For more information on filtering syntax, see CDE CLI list command syntax reference.
  4. If you want to update a credential, use the cde credential update command.

    This command allows you to update the secret content, the credential description, or both.

    cde credential update --name <cred_name> [--docker-server <registry_URL_or_hostname> --docker-username <docker_user>] [--description "<desc>"]