What's new in Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.8.0 covers new features beside the core streaming functionality of Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder.


Hotfix for CSA 1.8.0
On October 19, 2022, CSA is released as a hotfix to resolve some issues. If you have previously upgraded to CSA, upgrade to CSA to access the latest version of CSA. You can find the new download links in Download location of CSA.
For more information about the issues fixed in CSA, see the Fixed issues section.


Apache Flink upgrade
Apache Flink 1.15.1 is supported in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.8.0.
For more information on what is included in the Apache Flink 1.15 version, see the Apache Flink 1.15.1 Release Post and the Apache Flink 1.15 Release Notes
Job notifications
You can enable notifications for SQL jobs to send information about job status changes indicated under the Events tab.
For more information, see the Using SQL job notification documentation.
Diagnostic data collection
Data collection for diagnostic information is enabled for SQL Stream Builder to make troubleshooting and support processes easier.
For more information, see the Collecting diagnostic data documentation.
Migrating SQL jobs
You can import and export SQL jobs directly using the Streaming SQL Console for easier job migration from testing environments to production, or after upgrading CSA.
For more information, see the Migrating SQL jobs documentation.
Materialized View pagination
You can set a limit and offset for the results of Materialized View queries to filter the query results more easier when accessing them through the Query API.
For more information, see the Materialized View Pagination documentation.

Streaming SQL Console improvements

Learn more about the improvements and changes for the User Interface (UI) of SQL Stream Builder in the Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.8.0 release.

Job management buttons
The Revert and Delete button have been moved to a new location on the Console page:
Reorganized upper panel of SQL Editor
The elements on the upper panel of SQL Editor have been reorganized:
Added selector for job execution mode
The execution mode of jobs can be selected in Job Settings window:
Showing separate results when executing multiple statements
When executing more than one SQL statements, the results can be viewed in a vertical layout:
Autocompleting column names
The column name is automatically completed when adding a dot after a table name:
Selecting all or individual sample rows with short keys
You can use space to select individual sample rows or CTRL/Command + A to select all rows under Results tab.