Monitoring SQL Stream jobs

You can use the Streaming SQL Console to review the status, properties and log of your SQL Stream jobs executed in SQL Stream Builder. Using the Flink Dashboard, you can also monitor the Flink job that is submitted when you execute a SQL query.

Using the Streaming SQL Console

When using the SQL Jobs page in Streaming SQL Console to monitor your SQL jobs, you can review the ID, the Name, the Start time, the State of the submitted jobs, and the User who submitted the SQL job. When monitoring running jobs, you are also able to open the Flink Dashboard, and stop the job using the Stop button under Actions. The Flink Dashboard link and Stop button are not available for Stopped Jobs.
  1. Select SQL Jobs from the main menu.
    By default, all of the jobs are displayed on the SQL Jobs page.
  2. Select Running or Stopped.
  3. Click on the job you want to monitor.

    The details of the job appear in a new window.

  4. Select SQL or Properties tab to display additional details and configurations about the SQL job.

    You can also review the details of the Flink job from the SQL Jobs page.

  5. Click next to Job State of a job on the SQL Jobs page.
  6. Select Events.

    The Events window appears detailing the Flink job information that can be further filtered based on the log level settings.

History of SQL queries

You can review and reuse the SQL queries that were previosuly executed on the History page. When you click on one of the SQL queries, it is automatically imported to the SQL window for execution. You can filter the SQL queries by the time they were last run or by the user who run them.

Using the Flink Dashboard

You can also monitor your running SQL jobs using the Flink Dashboard. You can easily reach the Flink Dashboard from the main menu of Streaming SQL Console.