Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.6.

CDPD-11076: Schema Registry API swagger doc is incorrect/not up to date
Schema Registry API swagger documentation has been updated, descriptions completed to have better understanding about endpoints and parameters have been also completed and this way more accurate searches can be implemented.
CDPD-16812: Read boolean properties from Kafka configs
Schema Registry can now read and cast String values as Boolean values.
CDPD-16851: updateSchemaMetadata() allows changing schema type to an invalid value which breaks adding new versions to a schema
When updating a SchemaMetadata, the Type parameter is now validated.
CDPD-17849: Remove usage of non-FIPS compatible algorithms in Schema Registry
Added configuration option in both client and server to change the hashing algorithm used for generating schema fingerprints. The default value is MD5 but can be changed to SHA-2 or other algorithms.
CDPD-17969: Cannot fork schemas
Previously, schema versions could not be forked when Ranger authorization was enabled. This fixes the bug and allows creating branches and forks.
CDPD-18345: Schema Registry fails to start on a cluster with TLS enabled and multiple SANs in the certificate
Schema Registry can now start on a cluster when TLS is enabled and there are multiple Subject Alternative Names in the certificate.
OPSAPS-58153: Schema Registry role log is not visible through CM UI
In versions before Cloudera Manager 7.2.3, Schema Registry logs were not displayed in the Cloudera Manager UI. Now, the Schema Registry log format was changed to make it consistent with the log format of other CDP components. Schema Registry Server role logs are now correctly displayed in Cloudera Manager.
OPSAPS-58157: The Schema Registry Swagger page does not work due to CSP violation
Schema Registry's swagger page now correctly renders and the browser does not report a Content Security Policy violation error.
OPSAPS-58397: Make the Schema Registry hashing algorithm configurable
Added new option to Schema Registry configuration where the users can change the hashing algorithm used to generate schema fingerprints. The default value is MD5.