Configure placement rules

Placement Rules allow you to specify a set of rules for assigning jobs and applications to queues. You can define placement rules to dynamically create queues based on the rules and the applications would be submitted to those queues. These predefined rules enable you to submit jobs without specifying the queue name at the time of job submission.

Types of placement rules:

  • Static Rules: These rules use static queue mapping expressions for which you must create target queues and specify those queues based on the mapping expressions. You must provide input for the parameters such as userName, queueName and groupName based on the mapping expression.
  • Dynamic Rules: These rules allow the creation of queues dynamically based on predefined expressions. You must create a leaf queue first and then provide that queueName, which will be converted to a managed parent queue while executing the rule.

If no rule is satisfied when the application or job runs, the YARN application is rejected.