CDP One console and services

CDP One includes of a number of cloud services designed to address specific enterprise data cloud use cases, and features a workflow-based console.

Accessing the CDP One console

To access the CDP One console, click the CDP One tile on your enterprise application home page. If you don't have a CDP One tile, contact your IT administrator.

CDP One services

Available services depend on what has been provisioned for you as part of your CDP One subscription, as well as your assigned user roles, but may include:

  • Ingest – Streams Messaging Manager (SMM), Schema Registry, NiFi, NiFi Registry, Kafka
  • Query & Notebooks – Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) Projects, Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs), Hue
  • Security – Ranger Access Policies, Ranger Auditing, Manage Groups (Security services require the User Administrator role)
  • Monitor & Operate – Monitor Applications, Monitor Workloads, Resource Manager, Spark History Server, YARN Queue Manager, YARN Job History Server
  • Third Party Connections – JDBC connections for Hive and Impala
  • Command Line – SSH connection string

CDP One console

The CDP One console provides one-click access to CDP One services. If you have more than one environment, you can use the Environment drop-down list to switch to another environment.

CDP One pipeline filters

You can use the buttons at the top of the screen to filter your available services based on workflow pipeline stages (the default is All Services):

  • Ingest
  • Prepare
  • Analyze
  • Publish

CDP One console drawer

When you click a connection or command line link, a panel or "drawer" opens at the right side of the page, and provides detailed connection information.
  • If you only have one cluster, all of the other service links take you directly to the selected service.
  • If you have more than one cluster, the drawer appears when you click one of the other service links, and enables you to specify which cluster service to access.