Query & Notebooks

Machine Learning (ML) Projects form the heart of Cloudera Machine Learning. They hold all of the code, configuration, and libraries needed to reproducibly run analyses. Each project is independent, enabling users to collaborate and work freely without interfering with one another or breaking existing workloads.

Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) provide reference example machine learning projects in Cloudera Machine Learning. More than simplified quickstarts or tutorials, AMPs are fully-developed expert solutions created by Cloudera’s research arm, Fast Forward Labs.

Hue is a web-based interactive query editor that enables you to interact with databases and data warehouses. Data architects, SQL developers, and data engineers use Hue to create data models, clean data to prepare it for analysis, and to build and test SQL scripts for applications.

ML Projects
Machine Learning projects enable you to collaborate with other Machine Learning users.
Applied ML Prototypes
Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) is a set of example machine learning projects.
Using Hue
You can use Hue to analyze and visualize your data with Impala and Hive SQL query engines.