Fixed Issues in Apache YARN

Review the list of YARN issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.12.

COMPX-6880: YARN-10874 - Refactor NM ContainerLaunch#getEnvDependencies's unit tests.
This issue is now resolved.
COMPX-6716: HDFS-16129 HttpFS signature secret file misusage.
HttpFS used a random secret instead of the configured hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file when the deprecated httpfs.authentication.signature.secret.file configuration was not set also. This issue is now resolved.
COMPX-6684: YARN-10355 - Refactor NM
This issue is now resolved.
COMPX-6683: YARN-10814 - YARN should not start with empty hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file.
Empty signature secret file - hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file - made Yarn's REST endpoints unavailable. From now on Yarn will fall back to random secrets in this case. This issue is now resolved.
COMPX-6627: Add max-parallel-apps into YARN scheduler response.
The ResourceManager's Cluster Scheduler API's response was extended with the maximum parallel applications property. This issue is now resolved.

Apache patch information

  • YARN-10891