What's New in Apache Kudu

Learn about the new features of Kudu in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.12.


KUDU-3161: Include FileSystem Path in UUID Mismatch Error

Error logging is enhanced to include filesystem path if the UUID of the instance file in any of the filesystem roots differs from the UUID of other filesystem roots by including the filesystem path. This helps in troubleshooting scenarios where the exact directory is needed.

KUDU-3304: Allow updating table's replication factor via kudu CLI
This patch adds a function to alter table's replication factor, supported in CLI tool,by using the following command:
kudu table set_replication_factor [***MASTER_ADDRESSES***] [***TABLE_NAME****] [***REPLICATION_FACTOR***]

The CLI tool will return immediately without waiting for the RF change to be effective, new replicas are being up and running when increasing RF, duplicate replicas are being shut down when decreasing RF asynchronous. You can use kudu cluster ksck to check whether it has been effective.