Fixed Issues in Streams Replication Manager

Review the list of Streams Replication Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.12.

CDPD-27662: The /remote-topics endpoint reports null source for topics
The SRM Service now properly fills the source field of the topic info provided on the /remote-topics endpoint.
CDPD-14019: SRM may automatically re-create deleted topics on source clusters
Deleted topics are no longer automatically re-created on source clusters.
OPSAPS-60823: Configuring the SRM Client's secure storage is mandatory for unsecured environments
The srm-control tool failed to run in an unsecured cluster. Unnecessary additional configs have been removed from the srm-control tool's configuration when it is used in an unsecured cluster.
OPSAPS-61001: Saving configuration changes for SRM is not possible
The SRM Client's Secure Storage Password property is no longer a mandatory property.