ODBC sign-on walkthrough

To answer business intelligence questions, you need to see how to sign into CDW and query Hive or Impala.

In this walkthrough, you see step-by-step how to use token authentication to sign on to CDW over ODBC from a Tableau Server desktop. The token generated for this CDW cluster cannot be used for any other cluster.
  • You started a Virtual Warehouse.
  • The CDW cluster is connected to Apache Knox.

Setting up Tableau

  1. In your Tableau Server desktop, on the General table, from the Connection options (HiveServer2 and Impala), select HiveServer2.
  2. In your Tableau Server desktop, in Server, paste the name of the HiveServer host from the JDBC URL you copied.
  3. Select Port 443, and in Authentication, select the authentication type Username and Password.
  4. In Username, type the word token literally, not your user name.
  5. In Passcode, paste the passcode token from the token generation operation you performed earlier.
  6. In Transport, select the HTTP transport mode.
  7. Click Sign In.

Querying a Hive table from Tableau

Signing into CDP from the Tableau Server desktop connects you to the Virtual Warehouse and you can load a table into Tableau.
  1. Go back to the Tableau Server desktop, select the option to use the default schema of Hive in CDW.
  2. Load a table called movies, for example.
  3. Query the table. selecting all the movies, for example.
    The token you generated to connect Tableau to the Virtual Warehouse cannot be used to connect Tableau to any other cluster or Virtual Warehouse.