List of supported non-alphanumeric characters for file and directory names in Hue

Auto-generated files may often introduce non-alphanumeric characters in the filenames which are not supported by Hue. This might cause the files or directories to not appear on the Hue File Browser. Review the list of non-alphanumeric characters supported in Hue to avoid running into this issue.

The following table lists the supported non-alphanumeric characters in Hue:

Table 1. Non-alphanumeric characters supported in Hue
Special character symbol Description
~ Tilde
@ Ampersat
# Hash
$ Dollar sign
& Ampersand
( Left paranthesis
) Right paranthesis
* Asterisk
! Exclamation mark
+ Plus
= Equal
: Colon

Not supported with Knox.

; Semicolon
, Comma
. Period
? Question mark

Not supported with Knox.

/ Forward slash

Not supported with Knox.

\ Backslash
' Apostrophe or single quote