Adding the NiFi service

Provides the steps for adding and configuring the NiFi service to a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster.

You have installed a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster.

  1. From Home > Status tab, select the drop-down to the right of your cluster, and select Add Service. Install one service at a time.
  2. Specify that you want to add the NiFi service and click Continue to display the Add Service wizard.
  3. Select NiFi dependencies and click Continue.
    • ZooKeeper is a required dependency.
    • Select Knox if you want a single entry point to securely access the services.
    • Cloudera recommends that you also select Ranger and Atlas dependencies.
  4. Assign Roles to your NiFi service.
    Select the hosts onto which you want to install your new NiFi roles. Click Continue.
  5. Review changes to your configuration. Click Continue. This will start the service installation.
    Provide a value for your Initial Admin Identity. You may choose to further customize your NiFi configuration here.
  6. Click Continue and Finish to complete the installation.
  7. Open a browser and enter the URL to the NiFi UI.
    The URL format for the NiFi UI is based on whether or not you selected Knox as a dependency during the installation:
    • If you did not select Knox, the URL format is:
    • If you selected Knox, use the Knox URL as a single entry point to securely access all NiFi nodes and switch nodes if one fails. The format is:

Verify the new service is added properly by checking the health status for the new service. If the Health Status is Good, then the service added properly.

When you have finished adding the NiFi service, proceed with adding the NiFi Registry service.