Unsupported features

The following features are developed and tested by the Cloudera community but are not officially supported by Cloudera. These features are excluded for a variety of reasons, including insufficient reliability or incomplete test case coverage, declaration of non-production readiness by the community at large, and feature deviation from Cloudera best practices. Do not use these features in your production environments.

Unsupported features

Rules engine components and handlers are removed in NiFi 2 to be replaced with a new rules engine. The below components are not supported and should not be used anymore.

  • ActionHandlerLookup
  • AlertHandler
  • EasyRulesEngineProvider
  • EasyRulesEngineService
  • ExpressionHandler
  • LogHandler
  • RecordSinkHandler
  • ScriptedActionHandler
  • ScriptedRulesEngine

Unsupported customizations

Cloudera cannot guarantee that default NiFi processors are compatible with proprietary protocol implementations or proprietary interface extensions. For example, Cloudera supports interfaces like JMS and JDBC that are built around standards, specifications, or open protocols, but does not support customizations of those interfaces, or proprietary extensions built on top of those interfaces.