Updating Parameter Context when the external source has changed

The Parameters that you fetched from an external source may change in that external source over time. In such cases you need to fetch the Parameters again using the Parameter Providers.

Parameters are not automatically synchronized with the external source. To update any linked Parameter Contexts, you can fetch the parameters again, and you need to specify the sensitivity of any new parameters.
There must be changes to your external source. To simulate the change in the example, delete the sys.other parameter, update the value of the sys.admin.username parameter, and add a new parameter new-parameter.
$ rm /tmp/parameters/sys.other && \
  print admin2 > /tmp/parameters/sys.admin.username && \
  print test > /tmp/parameters/new-parameter
  1. Select Controller Settings from the top-right Global menu in the NiFi UI.
    The NiFi Settings dialog opens.
  2. Go to the PARAMETER PROVIDERS tab.
  3. Click the Fetch Parameters (down arrow) icon of FileParameterProvider.
    The Fetch Parameters dialog opens. An asterisk appears next to newly fetched and changed Parameters. To view detailed information about the change in the Parameter, hover over the asterisk.
  4. Set sensitivity for the newly fetched Parameters.
  5. Click APPLY to update the Parameter Context.
  6. Click Close in the Fetch Parameters dialog.
The changes that took place in the parameters in the external source are now reflected in the Parameter Context. In this example, sys-other parameter is removed, new-parameter is added, and the value of sys.admin.username is changed. You can view the changes by clicking the Fetch Parameters (down arrow) icon.