Parameter overriding

When a Parameter Context inherits parameters from other Contexts, you can still manually override parameters with a different value, if needed.

In this example, another Process Group is added that uses the same parameters as ABC Kafka to S3, but with a Kafka Group ID of MyOtherGroup.

To configure it, you can override the original parameter value by creating a new Parameter Context that inherits from ABC Kafka to S3 and adding a Kafka Group ID parameter with the MyOtherGroup value directly to that new Context:

In this case the Kafka Group ID with its value MyOtherGroup appears at the top of the parameter list, and not where it should be in alphabetical order. Direct parameters always appear at the top of the list so you can see them grouped together.

You can edit the manually set parameter directly from this Parameter Context. So in this case, you are editing the parameter in the new Context and not the inherited parameter.

Parameter overriding order

  • Direct parameters always take precedence.
  • Parameters inside directly inherited Parameter Contexts take precedence, from top to bottom in the Selected Parameter Context column of the INHERITANCE tab.
  • This recursively repeats in a depth-first manner for as many layers of inherited Parameter Contexts exist.