Checking out a ReadyFlow

Learn how to check out a ReadyFlow from the DataFlow Catalog.

ReadyFlows are predefined, out-of-the-box data flows, which can be deployed by providing a small set of required parameters. They are read-only by default so you would not be able to commit any change made to them. With the Registry Client in NiFi connecting to Cloudera DataFlow Catalog, you can check out a ReadyFlow from the Catalog and edit it as a custom flow.
  1. Drag and drop a process group onto the canvas and click Import from Registry.
  2. In the drop-down list, select the Registry Client configured to access your DataFlow Catalog.
  3. Select the ReadyFlows bucket.
    You have two buckets - one for the ReadyFlows (which is read-only) and one for your own flows that are stored in the Catalog.
  4. Check out the ReadyFlow by clicking the selected version and then clicking Import.
  5. Optional: ReadyFlows are read-only so you are not able to change the original flow that you have checked-out.
    If you want to edit the flow, you can create your own version:
    1. Right-click the process group, select Version, and click Stop version control.
    2. Make the changes you want.
    3. Version the flow as a custom flow in your Catalog: right-click the process group, select Version, and click Start version control.