Apache YARN manages resources for the applications running on your cluster by allocating resources through scheduling, limiting CPU usage, and partitioning clusters. You can use Access Control Lists to use YARN with a secure cluster. By using Apache YARN, you can optimize the use of vcores and memory.

Managing Applications on Apache Hadoop YARN
Provides information about managing applications by using the YARN REST APIs and YARN Services API.
Managing and Allocating Cluster Resources using Apache Hadoop YARN
Explains how to allocate cluster resources for the applications. In addition, describes the procedures for using Fair Scheduler and Capacity Scheduler.
Configuring Apache Hadoop YARN Security
Provides information about Access Control List and how to use YARN with a secure cluster.
Apache Hadoop YARN High Availability
Provides information about ResourceManager High Availability. It also describes the work preserving recovery process.
Monitoring Clusters and Apache Hadoop YARN Applications
Describes how to monitor clusters, queues, applications, services, flow activities, and nodes using YARN web user interface and Cloudera Manager.
Using Cloud Credentials with Apache Hadoop YARN
Describes how to access data stored in a cloud service for applications that use YARN.
Managing Apache ZooKeeper
Provides information about adding and managing the Apache ZooKeeper service and replacing an Apache ZooKeeper role.
Managing Apache ZooKeeper Security
Describes the configuration of the ZooKeeper server and the ZooKeeper client shell for Kerberos authentication. It also describes the verification of the ZooKeeper authentication and ACLs best practices.