What's New in Apache Kudu

This topic lists new features for Apache Kudu in this release of Cloudera Runtime.

Table size metrics

Disk size and live row count of a table are exposed as metrics on the master server and on the master server's web UI. And the Kudu tablet's live row count is exposed on the tablet server's web UI, as well as metrics on the tablet server.

Capability to place tablet replicas based on dimensions

You can set dimensions when creating tables and adding partitions. This ensures that the new tablets are evenly distributed within the cluster based on dimension.

Support for adding and dropping range partitions using CLI

You can add and drop range partitions through the command line by using the following commands:
kudu table add_range_partition <master_addresses> <table_name> <lower_bound> <upper_bound> [-lower_bound_type] [-upper_bound_type]
kudu table drop_range_partition <master_addresses> <table_name> <lower_bound> <upper_bound> [-lower_bound_type] [-upper_bound_type]

If you do not specify lower_bound and upper_bound, then the range partition is unbounded.

The lower_bound_type and the upper_bound_type parameters are optional. The default values are INCLUSIVE_BOUND and EXCLUSIVE_BOUND respectively. The parameters are case-sensitive.

LZ4 is updated to version 1.9.1

LZ4 is updated to version 1.9.1 for improved performance.