Fixed Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Review the list of fixed common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

CVEs fixed in CFM 2.1.5 SP2

CVE-2023-34212: Potential Deserialization of Untrusted Data with JNDI in JMS Components

The JndiJmsConnectionFactoryProvider Controller Service along with the ConsumeJMS and PublishJMS Processors, in Apache NiFi 1.8.0 through 1.21.0 allow an authenticated and authorized user to configure URL and library properties that enable deserialization of untrusted data from a remote location. The resolution validates the JNDI URL and restricts locations to a set of allowed schemes.

CVE-2023-34468: Potential Code Injection with Database Services using H2

The DBCPConnectionPool and HikariCPConnectionPool Controller Services in Apache NiFi 0.0.2 through 1.21.0 allow an authenticated and authorized user to configure a Database URL with the H2 driver that enables custom code execution. The resolution validates the Database URL and rejects H2 JDBC locations.

CVE-2023-36542: Potential Code Injection with Properties Referencing Remote Resources

Apache NiFi 0.0.2 through 1.22.0 include Processors and Controller Services that support HTTP URL references for retrieving drivers, which allows an authenticated and authorized user to configure a location that enables custom code execution. The resolution introduces a new Required Permission for referencing remote resources, restricting configuration of these components to privileged users. The permission prevents unprivileged users from configuring Processors and Controller Services annotated with the new Reference Remote Resources restriction.

CVE-2023-40037: Incomplete Validation of JDBC and JNDI Connection URLs

Apache NiFi 1.21.0 through 1.23.0 support JDBC and JNDI JMS access in several Processors and Controller Services with connection URL validation that does not provide sufficient protection against crafted inputs. An authenticated and authorized user can bypass connection URL validation using custom input formatting. The resolution enhances connection URL validation and introduces validation for additional related properties.

CVEs fixed in CFM 2.1.5 SP1

CVE-2023-22832: Improper Restriction of XML External Entity References in ExtractCCDAAttributes
The ExtractCCDAAttributes Processor in Apache NiFi 1.2.0 through 1.19.1 does not restrict XML External Entity references. Flow configurations that include the ExtractCCDAAttributes Processor are vulnerable to malicious XML documents that contain Document Type Declarations with XML External Entity references. The resolution disables Document Type Declarations and disallows XML External Entity resolution in the ExtractCCDAAttributes Processor.

CVEs fixed in CFM 2.1.5

No new fixed CVEs since CFM