Migrating Kafka Ranger policies

After the upgrade of HDF to CFM on CDP, you must configure Kafka-centric clusters that use Ranger. You need to set Kafka Ranger policies. You need to ensure that the Ranger service name property has identical value for both Kafka and Ranger.

You have set core configuration service, and configured Ranger and SOLR settings.
  1. Click kafka in the Cloudera Manager UI.
  2. Go to the Configuration tab.
  3. Locate the ‘Ranger service’ name for this Kafka service property.
  4. Ensure that the ‘Ranger service’ name for this Kafka service (ranger.plugins.kafka.service.name) kafka configuration matches the Ranger service name in the Ranger web UI.
    For example, in the following images, the name of the Ranger service in both Kafka and Ranger is cl1_kafka.

    To check the property name in Ranger:
    1. Click ranger in the Cloudera Manager UI.
    2. Click Ranger Admin Web UI.

      The Ranger UI opens in another window.

    3. Click KAFKA service and check the Service Name property.
    4. If the service name is different, then set it to the same value as configured in the Kafka cluster.