Checking service accounts

You must ensure that all service accounts required for the upgrade are present. These service accounts include Ambari metrics user, smoke user, Hadoop group, infra solr user, NiFi user, NiFi Registry user, Ranger group, Ranger user, and ZooKeeper user.

  1. Run the following command:
    • For service account: cat /etc/passwd
    • For groups: cat /etc/group
  2. Check if all the service accounts, mentioned in the following table, are present.
    Name Value
    Ambari Metrics User ams
    Smoke User ambari-qa
    Hadoop Group hadoop
    Infra Solr User infra-solr
    Nifi User nifi
    Nifi Registry User nifiregistry
    Ranger Group ranger (Optional. Needed when you use ranger service in Ambari)
    Ranger User ranger
    ZooKeeper User zookeeper
  3. If any service account is missing, create that account in your cluster.