Before you begin

Check the possible migration paths and requirements before you start your migration process.

Migration paths

You can migrate data from one of the following environments:

  • HDF 3.5.x

    • Standalone (Not managed by Ambari)

    • Ambari (with or without Ranger)

    • +HDP 3.1.5 and Ambari (with or without Ranger)

  • CFM 1.1.0

    • Standalone (Not managed by Cloudera Manager)

For details on data migration and other upgrade options, see Upgrade and migration paths.

Additional requirements

  • You must migrate HDF 3.5.x or CFM 1.1.0 Standalone to an equivalent target environment. For example:

    • From HDF 3.5.x without Ranger to CFM 2.1.5 without Ranger

    • From HDF 3.5.x with Ranger to CFM 2.1.5 with Ranger

    • From CFM 1.1.x without Ranger to CFM 2.1.5 without Ranger

  • You have deployed a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster with the necessary services running (ZooKeeper, Ranger, and similar) and out-of-the-box configurations.

  • You have sufficient networking connectivity and capacity between the source cluster and destination cluster.

  • You have the permissions required to access and modify files on cluster nodes.

  • You have consulted the Cloudera Flow Management Release Notes and are aware of known issues.

  • You have reviewed Apache NiFi Migration Guidance and Apache NiFi Registry Migration Guidance and are aware of any differences between source and destination components.