Configuring Ranger for NiFi

If your cluster contains Ranger, then you need to configure Ranger service, before starting NiFi. In order to create the default Ranger policies used by CFM, you have to execute the CreateMarkerFile command once.

  1. Go to Cloudera Manager > Clusters.
  2. Select NiFi.
  3. Go to the Configuration tab.
  4. Search for the RANGER Service configuration and enable it.
  5. Modify the property to match with the new Ranger service name.
  6. Ensure that NiFi is in a stopped state.

    The CreateMarkerFile command can be executed only when NiFi service is not running.

  7. In the Cloudera Manager UI, go to NiFi service settings.
  8. Execute the Create Marker File action from the Actions dropdown.
    After this action, if you have finished every other necessary NiFi related post steps, when you start the service, the service creates the default Ranger policies, if they are missing.