Reviewing NiFi components

After you have completed the migration, it is a best practice to review the NiFi components (processors, controller services, and reporting tasks) for any cluster specific configurations so that you can update them before you start your data flows.

  1. Start NiFi service and access UI.
  2. Make the following changes as needed within the NiFi UI:
    • If any components (processors, controller services, or reporting tasks) are configured specifically for the source cluster, edit for the destination cluster.

    • Address any components (processors, controller services or reporting tasks) that are marked Invalid. For example:

      • StandardSSLContextService or StandardRestrictedContextService controller services may need to be updated to use the new certs setup for the destination cluster.

      • Any client controller services that connect to a server controller service will need to be updated. For example, DistributedMapCacheClientService and DistributedMapCacheServer).

      • You may need to update Kafka and Hive processor versions.

      • You may need to update HBase and HDFS processor configurations.

  3. Start NiFi Registry and access UI.