Extracting Kafka broker IDs

You must extract the Kafka broker IDs before you upgrade the HDF cluster. The Kafka broker IDs are used in upgrading HDF to CFM on CDP cluster, where you need to override the kafka-broker-ids.ini files with the created one.

You must extract the Kafka broker IDs manually from the HDF cluster. When you upgrade to Cloudera Manager, you must manually enter the broker IDs to the real values in Kafka.
  1. Create the kafka-broker-ids.ini file.

  2. Navigate to each Kafka broker host > $log.dirs/meta.properties and collect the broker.id value.

    Here, $log.dirs refers to an Ambari configuration value.

  3. Copy hostname broker.id to the kafka-broker-ids.ini file.
    An example of the file format is as follows:
    ctr-e153-xxxxx-xxxx71.cloudera.site 1001
    ctr-e153-xxxxx-xxxx72.cloudera.site 1002
    ctr-e153-xxxxx-xxxx73.cloudera.site 1003