Configuring Cloudera agents and hosts

You need to add Cloudera agents and hosts before you perform the HDF upgrade.

You can either automate the process of configuring Cloudera agents and hosts, or manually perform the configuration.
  • To automate, change the agents configuration file before adding hosts to Cloudera Manager:
    for host in $(echo \ \ \ \ \
    ); do ssh $host "sed -i "s/server_host=localhost/" /etc/cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini
    for host in $(echo \  \ \ \ \
    ); do ssh $host "systemctl restart cloudera-scm-agent";done
    for host in $(echo \  \ \ \ \
    ); do ssh $host "systemctl status cloudera-scm-agent";done
  • To manually configure agents and hosts, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to the Cloudera Manager UI.
  2. Click Add > Add Hosts at the top-right corner of your screen.

    The Add Hosts window appears.

  3. Select Add hosts to Cloudera Manager and click Continue.
    Do not add hosts to the cluster yet.

    The Setup Auto-TLS screen appears.

  4. Click Continue.
    The Specify Hosts screen appears.

  5. Specify the hostname and click Search.

    The hostname appears.

  6. Select the host and click Continue.
    The Select Repository screen appears.

  7. Select Public Cloudera Repository and click Continue.
    The Select JDK screen appears.

  8. Select Manually manage JDK and click Continue.
    The Enter Login Credentials screen appears.

  9. Enter your login credentials and click Continue.
    The Install Agents screen appears where the progress of the installation process is displayed.

    After the installation process is complete, the Inspect Hosts for Correctness screen appears. In this step, Cloudera Manager inspects the settings of your host and displays some suggestions.

  10. Validate your settings and click Finish.