Fixed issues

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem:If an error occurs while fetching results, an error message appears briefly and disappears. Once the message disappears, the results pane is stuck in the Loading state.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem: Despite having no privileges to add, modify, or delete classifications, users are able to edit the tag flow on the Asset Details page. However, users will not be able to save the changes.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem: On the Asset Details page, the Audit tab fails to load if the logged in user does not have Audit read privilege.
CDPDSS-363: The 403 error message seen in Data Catalog > Table / Audit tab
Problem: Error messaging needs to be improved for users accessing Table and Audit tab without sufficient Ranger role.
CDPDSS-437: Unauthorized message for tag management flow does not have column name
Problem: Unauthorized column names and comma visible for tag management flow.
CDPDSS-444: Duplicate tag based policy on asset-360 Policy tab
Problem: When a specific tag is present both on the table as well as on any column of the same table, and a couple of requests to Ranger with the same tag and it displays the policy twice on list.