Fixed issues

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem:If an error occurs while fetching results, an error message appears briefly and disappears. Once the message disappears, the results pane is stuck in the Loading state.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem: Despite having no privileges to add, modify, or delete classifications, users are able to edit the tag flow on the Asset Details page. However, users will not be able to save the changes.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem: On the Asset Details page, the Audit tab fails to load if the logged in user does not have Audit read privilege.
CDPDSS-363: The 403 error message seen in Data Catalog > Table / Audit tab
Problem: Error messaging needs to be improved for users accessing Table and Audit tab without sufficient Ranger role.
CDPDSS-437: Unauthorized message for tag management flow does not have column name
Problem: Unauthorized column names and comma visible for tag management flow.
CDPDSS-444: Duplicate tag based policy on Asset Details Policy tab
Problem: When a specific tag is present both on the table as well as on any column of the same table, and a couple of requests to Ranger with the same tag and it displays the policy twice on list.
CDPDSS-527: Data Catalog specific user roles not supported.
Problem: The following Data Catalog user roles are not supported:
  • DataCatalogCspRuleManager
  • DataCatalogCspRuleViewer

Adding or removing these roles in the User Management will not have any impact on Data Catalog user access.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Issue
Problem: When you navigate to the Data Catalog page from the Environments page or Data Lakes page, the context is not retained and the Data Catalog page loads with the last used context.
Workaround: You must change the context manually by selecting the right data lake.
CDPDSS-302: Profiler Manager server requires a manual restart after installation for DP Tags to reflect in Atlas
Problem: Once the profiler is launched, run the sensitivity profiler, the profiler recognises the sensitive tags but fails to push them to Atlas.
Workaround: You must restart the profiler manager. Note that restarting the profiler manager is a one-time task.
CDPDSS-360: Sensitive and Hive Column Profilers do not support managed Hive tables.
Problem: Profilers cannot access the storage file of the managed table.
CDPDSS-517: Dataset View: Asset list displays loading icon if user is not authorized on Environment on which the dataset is created.
Problem: The dataset view page breaks if user does not have access to the Environment on which the dataset is created.
CDPDSS-570: The Filter type list should be refreshed based on the data lake selection.
Problem: Selecting the filter type from the drop-down does not display the supported entity type and also in the radio button list.
CDPDSS-547: Data lake name missing on the Asset Details page.
Problem:The data lake name was not visible on the Asset Details page .
CDPDSS-594: Database filter and create dataset button gets hidden
Problem:When you clear the query used the clear button, the databaser filter gets hidden and create dataset button on the search page gets disabled.
CDPDSS-636: User able to view assets of a dataset which is available in an inaccessible data lake.
Problem: Users are able to view the assets in a data lake for which they have no permission or access.
CDPDSS-672: On the Asset-Details page, when you make changes and save them, the Scheme page is refreshed, the Schema tab is disabled, and Overview tab becomes operational.
Problem:When you perform some operations on the Asset Details page and save the changes, the Schema tab gets inactive.
CDPDSS-727: CSP Custom Rule Validation is getting stuck in "Validation Running" status
Problem: The rule gets stuck in the Validation Running status.
Workaround: Keep sensitivity profiler enabled when running CSP rule validation.
CDPDSS-955: Data Catalog uses wrong attribute to read createTime of entities and misinterprets lastAccessTime attribute.
Problem: The Data Catalog does not match the Created On date with Atlas.
CDPDSS-949: Asset registration pertaining to GLUE integration is not possible.
Problem: Asset registration failing with GLUE integration.
CDPDSS-921: Table created few days ago and configured recently is getting backlisted.
Problem:When an asset created date is older than the filter applied for black-listing, the asset still gets blacklisted (not picked during the profiler run).
CDPDSS-1007: On-Demand Profiler remains in "in-progress" state if the profiler job fails.
Problem: The On-Demand Profiler remains in the "in-progress" state if the profiler job fails due to some exception (For example: Permission denied exception).
CDPDSS-144: Filter Results Count Mismatch
Problem: When you search and filter the results using Created Before, the count displayed in the filters panel is incorrect. But, the number of search results is accurate.
CDPDSS-144: Search icon within dataset does not work
Problem: When you try to search for an asset within a dataset and click the search icon, it does not yield any results.
Workaround: Press enter to view the search results after entering a string in the search box.
CDPDSS-143: Edit button appears after creating a new dataset
Problem:After creating a new dataset, when you visit the dataset, the Edit button appears instead of Add Assets.
Workaround:Refresh your browser and reopen the dataset. You will be able to see the Add Assets button.
CDPDSS-81: When you select a table tag, owner filters along with the counts disappear
Problem: When you select a table tag, owner filters along with the counts disappear.
Workaround: Make sure you select table tags before selecting the owner filters.
CDPDSS-789: Adding system tag 'dp' prevents further editing of tags on the assets
Problem: Adding system tag 'dp' prevents further editing of tags on the assets
Workaround: Choose not to add the tag 'dp' on any of the assets.
CDPDSS-795: Search bar in schema tab goes empty, but previous results are shown
Problem: Search results displays previous results.
Workaround: Refresh the page.
CDPDSS-797: Schema search tab displays all results for not existing search string
Problem: Search by terms which have no hits and returns all assets.
CDPDSS-1055: Multiple tagging across different types throws 504 Gateway Timeout error
Problem:504 Bad Gateway error is displayed