Known issues

This section lists known issues that you might run into while using the Data Catalog service.

CDPDSS-144: Filter Results Count Mismatch
Problem: When you search and filter the results using Created Before, the count displayed in the filters panel is incorrect. But, the number of search results is accurate.
CDPDSS-144: Search icon within asset collection does not work
Problem: When you try to search for an asset within an asset collection and click the search icon, it does not yield any results.
Workaround: Press enter to view the search results after entering a string in the search box.
CDPDSS-143: Edit button appears after creating a new asset collection
Problem:After creating a new asset collection, when you visit the asset collection, the Edit button appears instead of Add Assets.
Workaround:Refresh your browser and reopen the asset collection. You will be able to see the Add Assets button.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Known Issue
Problem: When you select a table tag, owner filters along with the counts disappear.
Workaround: Make sure you select table tags before selecting the owner filters.
CDPDSS-81: Data Catalog Known Issue
Problem: When you navigate to the Data Catalog page from the Environments page or Data Lakes page, the context is not retained and the Data Catalog page loads with the last used context.
Workaround: You must change the context manually by selecting the right data lake.