April 3, 2024

This release of the Data Catalog service provides you with a notable behavior change which you must note and act accordingly.

While upgrading your cluster from Cloudera Runtime version 7.2.17 to 7.2.18, and specifically during the OS upgrade step, the cluster goes into the failure state. The following message is seen:


New node(s) could not be added to the cluster. Reason Please find more details on Cloudera Manager UI. Failed command(s): Start(id=1546339088): Failed to start role profc6cf3856-PROFILER_SCHEDULER_AGENT-484032cb8f17cacf9e684efe50 of service profiler_scheduler in cluster cdp-dc-profilers-258395ef._

Impact on Data Catalog profilers:

If the Data Hub is not created, then the Data Catalog profilers will not be created in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18 version.

To overcome this scenario, you must use the following process to bring up the Data Catalog profilers in the Cloudera Runtime 7.2.18 version.

First you must delete your existing 7.2.17 clusters. For more information, see Deleting profiler cluster.

Next, after you upgrade to the 7.2.18 Data Lake, then you can launch the Data Catalog profilers. For more information, see Launch profiler cluster.